Interact News and Roadmap


The Interact website is public now. Documentation is not complete yet, but it should be enough to get you started if you’re familiar with designing software.


Note: The items on this roadmap are not in any particular order. I just add everything I plan to do to this list, but some ideas take longer to implement than others.

  • Redesign the sound page: Sounds should be circles that can be dragged around (with multitouch support) to move them in a 3D space. Sound properties should be shown on the side when a circle is selected. Scrolling over a sound (or pinching) should adjust its volume.
  • Better code feedback and intellisense.
  • Check the multitouchPad for problems.
  • Add Code Breakpoints and Debugging
  • Write demo projects.
  • Add MIDI Support.
  • Write more documentation.
  • Improve textbox gui element.
  • Chain sounds with audio patchers.
  • Add composition related libraries to script interface.
  • Gui Interface for Resolume, Max/MSP and Pure Data.
  • Research the possibility to implement an internal video renderer, with layered video.
  • Release a client for Windows IOT. (Can be used for raspberry pi and other kits)