All Release Notes

Version 0.5 (November 27, 2018)

  • UWP Client now runs on windows and Raspberry Pi
  • Support for analog and digital Arduino sensors on Raspberry Pi

Version 0.7 (December 6, 2018)

  • new toolbar button in script editor allows for easy insert of routes
  • improved error reporting for scripts (clickable errors take you to the script and line in the error)
  • added more toolbar buttons to script editor (undo, format, indent…)
  • improved server script logic
  • all modules are now saved by name instead of ID, in separate folders
  • right clicking a module in de project explorer now offers the option to view this file in the Windows file explorer
  • the project explorer now shows modules in folders according to type
  • custom highlighting of known global objects
  • changed client to conform with new script logic on server

Version 0.8 (December 12, 2018)

  • Fixed Gui Names on Editor and Routes
  • Fixed Crash on Audio Patcher with incorrectly saved files
  • Fixed Issue with New Gui having no activator unless the server is restarted
  • Acceleration Sensors does now cancel out Gravity
  • Fixed issue with client scripts intellisense
  • Added methods to retrieve client info in server scripts
  • Added system.dll interface to client scripts
  • turned off doppler effect for sounds by default
  • sounds can now be restarted
  • fixed crash when changing audio device
  • reroute to all clients will now work as it should
  • disabled scripting for UWP clients for now (Raspberry Pi does not allow Secondary App domains)
  • fixed a bug in Arduino routing
  • fixed crash when using server tokens
  • fixed bug which crashed UWP when the client modules contained an audio patcher (audio is not yet available for UWP)
  • When creating a new module, pressing enter in the module name textbox now creates the module, if the module name is valid.

Version 0.9 (Oktober 5, 2019)

  • Property editor is now readable with all properties
  • Soundpages will now scroll down when full
  • fixed an issue which would cause sounds to play at slightly lower speed than intended
  • new output concept introduced, with midi outputs
  • patcher system supports midi